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TopoX: Topology Refactorization for Distributed Graph Partitioning and Computation


Graph-structured computation is central to applications ranging from language processing to social networks. Natural graphs have skewed power-law distributions of vertex degrees, leading to inefficient partitioning and computation for traditional graph-parallel systems. To address this problem, we design TopoX, a distributed graph processing system that refactorizes the topology of a skewed graph to obtain a more uniform topology suitable for partitioning.

TopoX performs the fusion operation on low-degree vertices that merges a set of neighboring low-degree vertices into a super-vertex (which will be assigned to one machine) to eliminate its inner communication; and performs the fission operation on high-degree vertices that splits a high-degree vertex into a set of sibling sub-vertices (each of which will be assigned to one machine) to evenly distribute the load. TopoX designs the delta-based GAS model to further reduce communication. TopoX is implemented as a separate computation engine of PowerGraph.


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