Clouds provide a public platform where applications/services run in a virtual environment. The NiceX lab is focused on distributed intelligent computing in the clouds, mainly including cloud operating systems, storage, reliable memory, networking, scheduling, and machine learning.


Cloud Performance Debugging: PCatch

Cloud Operating Systems: KylinX

Cloud Block Storage: PariX and Ursa

Cloud Reliable Memory: MemCube and CubeX

Cloud Networking: OptaX

Cloud Server Consolidation: C4

Cloud VM Fast Booting: VirtMan

Cloud Graph Computing: TopoX

Machine Learning: FCSC


Apr 2018 KylinX accepted to ATC 2018

Apr 2018 cKernel accepted to ICDCS 2018 (Invited paper)

Jan 2018 PCatch accepted to EuroSys 2018

Dec 2017 GraphA accepted to TSC

Aug 2017 FCSC accepted to ICDM 2017

May 2017 PariX accepted to ATC 2017

About us

In our NiceX lab, a group of talented young people work with Prof. Yiming Zhang on networked intelligent systems design and implementation.

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